Sahil Sachdev
4 min readJan 3, 2021

Build Week at Masai School.

The end of every month , to check the efficiency and capability of students to create something out of the box with provided knowledge and importantly skill.

Hi , I am Sahil Sachdev , student at Masai School , and I’ll take you with me at my journey of entire week creating some random website with some random people and how beside being tough it was super interesting.

INTRO : I along with Arshad ali and Chirag aggarwal were given a task to clone a website named “GYMWOLF” , the goal of this to make it’s client happy and fit by giving them proper diet plans and exercise and help them tracking their workouts.

Day-1 :- The Distribution Day.

As the day started with scrum and distribution of teams and projects , I got an opportunity to know two more people, to work on another dynamic project with new thing we learnt throughout the month !

It took us till afternoon to get all the guidelines on how to start it with and got to know that the major focus this project have is on functionalities and make your website dynamic instead of static using basic JavaScript and HTML.
And then we divided work among us depending on the skills we are confident about and first we initialized our project with initializing a repository on GitHub and started working on our respective parts till evening ! and ended my day with giving bit time to revising previous concepts of JavaScript and Data Structures for upcoming evaluation.

Day 2 :- Getting Started.

It was day 2 , when we actually started working seriously on our parts with fear of the 4 days time limit we had . I started working on landing page, arshad on progress , and chirag on exercise and decided to connect again at 4 before the evening standup to check the progress on various parts and then joined standup and showed what we completed and saw that everyone was boosted and excited every team was working good with utmost dedication and feeling of competition. and then , I took a break had dinner and then went to sleep after practicing for evaluation .

Day 3 :- Putting end to year and project.

Another morning, another scrum, another start to something new for the day with a New Year!

Today we started with basic functionalities in our project , the pop ups, storing data, and designing too! Boosted we were, it was the new year eve, last day of the year but we still had one day left, ironic, isn’t it ?Day went good, I did most of my work till afternoon, because another important thing I had, the interview for unit evaluation with nrupul sir
Worried i was, but can’t tell how happy i was after it as it went fun with him as he made me really comfortable throughout !Headed back to the project after the interview and connected with the team to merge everything we did entire day and then again the standup and the presentation happened. I left early after the standup as I had to visit my sister in hospital , sat there for a while, few more cousins came, and had good conversations and with that said good bye to the day and the year and to all the things too which could be a stoppage in my way of being a successful full stack developer.

Day 4 :- The Wrap.

Tired, exhausted and sleepy i was in the morning with being away last night and woke up bit late .

Had coffee , worked and completed the few things left in our project and then had a meeting with team to finalize everything and then to divide our respective parts to explain in next day’s presentation.

Started working on my explanation and the presentation part in the evening and then showed the entire project with statics, functionalities, graphs, and data in the standup to Abhishek sir. Then, ended the final day with wrapping up of the BLOG . I am writing this line to wrap and to thank MASAI SCHOOL for everything and the great opportunity they gave each one of us for enhancing our skills.

Below Ihave provided with a link to our project , GYMWOLF.



Sahil Sachdev

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