Meet Up Project

The Beginning

We all were divided in teams and were distributed tasks to initialize our projects. I was part of team Echo along with Naeem Sheikh , Ranjit Kumar , and Archana Singh and we were given a task to clone a website named MEETUP.

Landing Page of Meetup

That was all for the first day , to know , to create a base for other day and to plan the entire structure was important and as decided , was our first day work.

The Distribution

We all had out strong points , so we talked about it and divided work accordingly because having good communication is all what it takes for good coordination and good productive results.

The Actual Work.

We were mostly done with the static pages and it was to add the fetched data and to add major functionalities like creating and joining meetups and making different groups with you friends and commenting of someone else’s event and to know complete details from them.

Technologies and Libraries used.

  • React
  • CSS
  • Redux
  • React-redux
  • Redux-thunk
  • Ant Design
  • React-multi-carousel
  • uuid
  • React-recaptcha
  • React-dom
  • React-modal
  • React-moment
  • React-icons

The Wrap.

On the last day of our build week we merged everything and the result were not much upsetting and we all were happy with the output as we created something so much that like in original with proper functionalities and responsiveness and i was thankful that i was part of this build week and got to learn a lot from it and it helped me grow and i too am thankful and glad to have some good , kind partners by my side who helped me throughout .


GitHub Repo.



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